The Signs of a Natural Gas Leak in Your Home and What to Do About Them

A gas pipe with the word " gas " written on it.

Most homes have natural gas lines that service key parts of the plumbing system, including the water heater. Recognizing the signs of a natural gas leak could help you to safely evacuate your home and avoid a dangerous situation.

Three Signs There Is a Gas Leak in Your Home

Natural gas is an efficient fuel that is used by many appliances that are integrated with your plumbing system. Most of these gas lines are installed and repaired by certified plumbers with a license for gas pipe repair and installations. Becoming familiar with the signs of a gas leak can help you to arrange for prompt emergency plumbing in Las Vegas.

Foul Odor

To make it easier to detect a natural gas leak, utility companies include a chemical in the gas. This chemical has a foul odor that smells of rotten eggs. If you notice even the slightest hint of the smell of rotten eggs, leave your home and call for emergency plumbing repairs. Plumbers have equipment that can detect even trace amounts of natural gas in the air or soil around your home.

Unusual Sounds

If you hear an unusual sound such as a hissing noise coming from an appliance or a pipe inside of your home, it could be a break or crack in the natural gas line. The natural gas is under pressure, and it makes the hissing sound as it escapes through the pipe. The hissing noise could come from inside or outside of your home, depending on the location of the problem.


If your home is outfitted with a carbon monoxide detector, its alarm may go off if there is a gas leak or a problem with the combustion of natural gas in an appliance. In some cases, this detector is combined with your home’s smoke detectors. It could also be a separate unit. Take these alarms seriously and have the situation checked out by an emergency plumber with the capability to do gas detection and repair services. If your home does not have one of these alarms, consider having one installed.