How Weird Things Can Get Into Your Toilet and Cause a Big Pipe Clog

A toilet with the lid up and a wooden stick in it.

Improper use of a toilet or accidentally knocking something over in the bathroom could result in a clog that is difficult to figure out until the plumbers arrive. Discover three unusual types of items found in toilets and how to prevent this type of a problem in your home.

Three Surprising Things That Could Be Clogging Your Toilet

When your toilet is not flushing properly, you might figure that it is just too much toilet paper or a large amount of waste. A clogged toilet is sometimes the result of something surprising that you would not expect within the toilet or its pipes. When plunging does not release the clog, it is important to contact experienced Las Vegas plumbers for assistance.


Children often play with toys in the bathtub. It is possible that some exuberant playtime could result in a toy getting into the toilet. Beware of small bath toys, especially those that are a little squishy. A squishy toy could easily get stuck in the small outlet of the toilet. If your kids need to play with bath toys, consider items that are bigger than 5 inches in diameter and made of hard plastic.

Dental Appliances

Plumbers have discovered all sorts of dental appliances causing a clogged toilet. Some of the culprits have included full and partial sets of dentures, retainers and night guards. It is possible for dental devices such as these to get stuck in the toilet if a person is vomiting and the device falls out. Soaking the device in the bathroom and accidentally knocking it down could also cause it to get stuck in the toilet.


Some of the scariest and most unusual plumbing situations have resulted from animals getting stuck in a home’s toilet. Although rare, it is possible for a snake to get into a plumbing system and work its way up and into the toilet. Pets could also get into the toilet. A loose guinea pig or another small family pet could easily fit into the toilet. A person flushing a deceased goldfish could also accidentally plug the toilet.