Staying Safe During a Water Heater Repair

A person is holding onto the water heater

When plumbers need to come in and perform a water heater repair, you may have to deal with a few minor inconveniences. Knowing what to expect and why to expect it can help to alleviate your concerns and aid you in planning your time while the plumbers do their work.

What May Take Place During a Water Heater Repair

Most water heaters with a tank last for about ten years. After this time, a professional Las Vegas water heater repair may be necessary in order for the unit to continue working. When your home requires a water heater repair, keep these three possibilities in mind.

No Gas Service

If your water heater operates on natural gas as its fuel, the plumbers may need to shut off the supply of gas during the repair process. This means that you will also not be able to use any of the other appliances in your home that use natural gas as their fuel. Some appliances that often use natural gas as their fuel sources include clothes dryers, ovens and gas fireplaces. Be sure to check that each of these appliances is operating properly when the water heater repairs are completed.

No Hot Water

When your water heater needs to be fixed, your home will not have any hot water. Any water that was in the heater’s tank will be drained by the plumbers. If you need to wash your hands, it will have to be accomplished with cold water. It may be a good idea to hold off on using any large amounts of water while the repairs are being made. This includes not doing laundry, showering or running your dishwasher.

No Electricity

When a water heater does not use natural gas as its fuel, it usually uses electricity. Even natural gas-powered water heaters use electricity to power their thermostats and to automatically shut off the unit in case of a failure. While the water heater is being repaired, the plumbers may need to temporarily shut off the electricity. In some cases, they may only need to shut off the circuit that powers the water heater. In other cases, it might be necessary to turn off all electricity for a short amount of time.